Industry Advisory Forum

We invite you to collaborate with us toward shared goals and strategies for improving cardiovascular health through education, quality improvement and research.

Join us as a member of the ACC Industry Advisory Forum (ACC IAF) and your organization will have a front-row seat to discussions on topics of mutual interest and importance impacting the cardiovascular healthcare environment today.

This group of industry participants committed to advancing cardiovascular healthcare will play a vital role in promoting and enhancing professional collaboration and communication between ACC leadership and the general corporate community to further mutual objectives and strategies to improve cardiovascular health.

Current Participants

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Industry Advisory Forum Recognition

Be recognized within national and international healthcare communities as a supporter of the ACC

  • Company name and logo listed on with direct link to partner’s homepage
  • ACC IAF ribbon on the two representative name badges at ACC Annual Congress identifying your company as a participant of ACC IAF
  • Company name listed in marketing, press materials, meeting pre-program announcement, “welcome” sign at registration area for each IAF event
  • Company name and logo listed in IAF communications with direct link to partner’s page, where applicable
  • NEW! Any industry partner organization joining in 2018 or 2019 will be acknowledged as a “founding member”
  • NEW! First-year industry partners acknowledged as “New IAF member”
  • NEW! Five-year member recognition provided to industry partners who have been members for 5 years acknowledging continuous support and intellectual contribution
  • Ongoing information about ACC public policy, advocacy and strategic priorities including but not limited to:
    • The overall ACC 2019-2023 strategic plan
    • Public policy and advocacy agenda
    • Physician and CV care team education initiatives
    • Patient education and empowerment efforts
    • Initiatives for FITs and Early Career physicians
    • Quality improvement programs
    • ACC innovation activities

Participate in ACC IAF Meetings (2 per year)

  • Two invitations to attend ACC Annual Industry Advisory Forum Roundtable Summit
  • Collaborate with ACC member leaders toward advancing shared goals and strategies

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$25,000 per year

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