Unlock the Power of Your Data
Maximize the Benefits of the NCDR

To meet the ongoing and persistent demands placed on hospitals, the American College of Cardiology (ACC) is collaborating with Carta Healthcare, a premier health care analytics company, to assist hospitals with improving the efficiency of NCDR data abstraction through automation, while reducing time and costs. In line with our mission of innovation and knowledge that optimizes cardiovascular care and outcomes, the ACC is bringing it to you NOW to help hospitals successfully respond to a changing world.

Atlas is Carta Healthcare’s solution for data abstraction. Atlas uses artificial intelligence to translate your data from clinical notes and medical records into recommendations. It then auto-fills fields, assisting abstractors so they can process registry cases with greater efficiency.

With Carta Healthcare’s Atlas solution, you can:

  • Drive clinical insights through faster, reliable data collection
  • Reduce abstraction time and cost by 20%
  • Automate and simplify data collection processes
  • Convert clinical notes to structured data
  • Reduce the audit effort and improve quality initiatives and patient care

To learn more about how ACC and Carta Healthcare are improving the efficiency of data abstraction for the NCDR, visit Carta.Healthcare/NCDR.