March 11, 2016

Robert Shor, MD, FACC

This BOG Update is brought to you by Robert Shor, MD, FACC, Chair of the Board of Governors.

The results of the survey for our inaugural BOG mentorship program are in. The survey was designed to take the pulse of the participants and gauge the success of our BOG mentorship program, now concluding its first year. The good news is that overall, both mentors and mentees reported that the program was a positive experience. The program itself is designed for first year governors, to serve as a formal knowledge transfer touch point between current or former governors and newly installed governors. Each first year BOG member is provided a mentor based on specific matching criteria and the ACC provides a framework for support and expectations. Additionally, at the chapter level, we encourage an annual past presidents' call, and an in-person get together every three years.

The goal of the BOG Mentorship Program is the enhance the effectiveness of each of the ACC's governors – giving them tips, tools and insight from an experienced BOG leader to make them a better communicator and leader for their state chapter, to shorten the "learning curve" and provide additional support when needed. On the other side, it allows mentors to have the opportunity to give back to the College, stay connected and to share their extensive knowledge of the College and in turn builds enthusiasm for continued participation in the College for former governors.

So here are the salient results from the year-end survey of BOG mentors and mentees.


  • Mentors and mentees discussed a wide range of topics – education, member engagement, clinical issues, etc.
  • Two-thirds of respondents suggested that we continue with the program
  • Some specific comments include:
    • "Good to have face to face meeting at the ACC."
    • "Forged even more friendship."
    • "It gave the Governor a resource from whom he/she could ask questions outside of his/her in-state mentors."


  • Mentees also reported discussing a wide range of topics.
  • 76% stated that the mentor was able to offer helpful guidance.
  • 78% were extremely comfortable sharing concerns/challenges.
  • 71% would recommend continuing for future classes.

These results are good; however, there is room for improvement and as this program grows and ages, it is our hope that we will move that needle to inspiring even more connections, expanded discussions and improved program satisfaction.

There will be a BOG Mentorship Breakfast at ACC.16 (first year governors and mentors will be invited to participate) and I look forward to seeing mentors and mentees together in person, continuing to build relationships and share insights on what it means to be a chapter leader and voice of ACC membership. A recurring theme for success was to have mentee and mentor connect at the breakfast at the Annual Scientific Sessions. Please let us know if you are interested in being a mentor.

MACRA and Insurance Denials and Test Substitutions
As I mentioned earlier this week, following up on discussions at Leadership Forum, we will soon request that you work with your Chapter Executive to disseminate a survey on prior authorization, decision support, and MACRA to physician and CV team members in your chapter. Similar to last year's MOC survey, we will send the survey link and suggested accompanying text to your Chapter Executive for dissemination, and ACC's Market Intelligence department will process the data and generate a report for each chapter once the survey is closed. We expect to have the survey link ready by March 14. Thanks so much for your help with this important project. Like the other surveys, it is important that we get a good response, so please encourage completion of this brief survey.

We will also be scheduling two calls in the near future for those interested as follow-up to items discussed at the Leadership meeting.

  • Use of blinded statewide NCDR data by the Chapters and
  • How Chapters can facilitate statewide PCI review.

Please look for these and hopefully we can get good call participation.