Building Civility, Respect and Inclusion in the Cardiology Workforce: Individual and Institutional Strategies

Join writing committee members from ACC's Recent Health Policy Statement on Building Civility, Respect and Inclusion, as they discuss how individuals and institutions can support efforts to reduce discrimination, bullying and harassment, and encourage excellence, belonging and inclusion. The Health Policy Statement is also available at

The session will include case studies, a review of organizational and individual strategies, opportunities, ACC's related activities and a panel discussion.

Pamela S. Douglas, MD, MACC (Duke University Medical Center)
Sharonne Hayes, MD, FACC (Mayo Clinic)
Jennifer Mieres, MD, FACC (Northwell Health/Zucker School of Medicine)
Robert Roswell, MD, FACC (Northwell Health/Zucker School of Medicine)
Natalie Stokes, MD (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine)