Greetings, Fellow FITs!

By Scott M. Lilly, MD, FACC

Dear Fellows-in-Training,

Welcome to a special edition of Cardiosource WorldNews designed just for Fellows in Training (FITs) and Early Career Professionals. This is your quarterly publication from your ACC! This new publication will provide practical, colorful, and fun insight into issues that affect our training, our research career plans, and our interaction with mentors and each other.

I don't know about you, but my reading is generally divided into professional and personal. With the increasing clinical training requirements and the ongoing release of new, practice-changing articles and guidelines, reading for pleasure usually takes a backseat to staying up-to-date on the latest developments in our field. The reality is, we have a gap in our periodical library. That gap is something that contains important and relevant information, delivered in a concise and lively manner by, in large part, FITs—our very own colleagues. It straddles the professional and personal divide, and is something you can read without resolving to "catch up" the following day.

In addition, CardioSource WorldNews is another example of what your ACC is doing for you. Throughout the preceding year we have continued to improve your CardioSource experience. The most relevant articles are updated frequently, guidelines are easily accessible, and self-assessment programs that can take some of the angst out of board preparation are just a click away. Check out the "Path to FACC" link, and take advantage of reduced ACC membership dues in your first year out of fellowship. You'll also find examples of how the ACC has reinvigorated and extended programs for the express purpose of positively affecting our training experience.

Your ACC has also become more interactive. Want to get involved? Many of your peers have. This past year more FITs than ever attended the College's annual legislative conference, and there was an overwhelming interest when the call for committee and council service was released this past October. ACC.13 will be a venue for more of this enthusiasm: the FIT video blog and a number of social media initiatives will be active, driven entirely by FITs that had a vision for transforming the FIT experience with tools we know and understand. Have something on your mind (i.e., board costs, COCATs requirements, how to find the perfect mentor)? Let us know by emailing CardioSource WorldNews is you, and your contributions are invaluable.

In short, welcome to the newest tool provided by the ACC to represent your interests. It's a forum for your commentary, and, well, to reflect your personality. Read it in on the train, in the cath lab, or on the couch. It will be time well spent, and you may just find it more enjoyable!

See you in the FIT Lounge at ACC.13!

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