ACC’s Health Equity Summit Defines Challenges, Proposes Strategies to Improve CV Care

ACC's Health Equity Summit Defines Challenges, Proposes Strategies to Improve CV Care

Cardiovascular leaders, health equity advocates, health care industry representatives and other stakeholders came together for ACC's first-ever Health Equity Summit in Washington, DC, from April 2-3. The two-day event aimed to engage participants in discussions around tangible solutions for: 1) creating a culture of health equity in cardiovascular medicine; 2) prioritizing health equity in all ACC activities; and 3) eliminating disparities by ensuring equitable cardiovascular care for all.

"Meeting these goals requires a focus on advocacy, education and science, and a commitment to embedding health equity in all that we do," said ACC President B. Hadley Wilson, MD, FACC. "It also requires partnerships and collaborations with innovators, like-mind organizations, government agencies, patients and others committed to identifying and implementing solutions that address health equity and social determinants of health."

The Summit kicked off on Sunday with a keynote dinner featuring health equity advocate and author Daniel E. Dawes on the topic of social and political determinants of health. On Monday, attendees participated in conversations centered around the link between social determinants of health and cardiovascular outcomes, the role that resources like NCDR, telemedicine and electronic health records can play in identifying gaps and promoting equity in care, and ways that innovation will contribute to the future of health equity. The Summit also touched on ACC's upcoming strategic plan, highlighting the critical role that solving for health equity plays in achieving the College's Mission, Vision and strategic initiatives.

 For more information, check out live coverage of the Summit on @ACCinTouch and follow the conversation with the hashtag #HealthEquity. For more resources on ACC's Health Equity efforts, visit 

In addition to engaging in information-sharing conversations and diverse panel discussions, participants joined the hundreds of cardiovascular clinicians, industry and society partners and others who have taken the ACC Health Equity Pledge to "achieve a culture of health where every person reaches their full cardiovascular health potential as a natural right." The pledge, which debuted as part of ACC's Health Equity Hub at ACC.23 Together With the World Congress of Cardiology in New Orleans, can be accessed at

"The movement to advance health equity is not for the faint of heart," said Dawes. "It takes courage and a tremendous heart." To that end, the outcomes and key takeaways from the Summit will be used to drive further conversation and, more importantly, action around collaborative programs and initiatives that will continue to lead change both within the cardiovascular profession and among ALL patients living with or at risk of heart disease.

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