Editors’ Corner | August Awakening: Insights in Pulmonary Hypertension, Structural Health Barriers to PAD and More

August Awakening: Insights in Pulmonary Hypertension, Structural Health Barriers to PAD and More

Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a weighty topic that can be daunting for many clinicians and even more daunting for patients if treatment is delayed. With a new definition of PH, fresh guidelines, and new and emerging treatments, this month's cover story explores PH and the growing issue of right ventricle failure and its management, as well as how to diagnose RV dysfunction and when to refer patients to specialized PH centers.

"PH traditionally has sat diagnostically and care-wise in between cardiology and pulmonology, with most cardiologists who take care of PH being heart failure specialists," says Evelyn M. Horn, MD, FACC. "More cardiologists showing more interest in the right heart will improve early diagnosis and ultimately outcomes in patients with PH."

Also in this issue, we hear from Demetria M. McNeal, PhD, MBA, and James E. Carter Jr., MD, FACC, about what is needed to "identify and unpack structural health barriers" that continue to contribute to a higher rate of peripheral artery disease in Black Americans as well as more advanced disease presentation and worse outcomes. We also learn about training pathways for the burgeoning area of critical care cardiology, and don't miss a look at how NASA and the space program contributed to the widespread growth of remote monitoring and digital health.

ACC State Chapters play a critical role in advocating for legislation that will help to transform cardiovascular practice and improve heart health for all patients. In Heart of Health Policy, learn about the victories so far this year, the work still ahead and how you can get involved. Registration is now open for ACC Legislative Conference 2023, being held from Oct. 15-17 in Washington, DC, a prime opportunity to hear from ACC leaders, staff and other experts on health policy, network with fellow ACC advocates and speak directly to your lawmakers on issues impacting the field of cardiology.

Summer is packing a wallop this year, bringing extended periods of extreme heat and flooding, along with more air pollution from wildfires. Counseling patients on how to stay safe and healthy amidst the changing environment now should be a part of patient interactions. This month's Prioritizing Health column provides tips to share with patients about how to stay safe and healthy along with a list to share of symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Look for more on these issues in the coming months as a dedicated Board of Governors work group tackles cardiovascular health issues associated with the changing climate.

As always, please send your thoughts and feedback to CardiologyEditor@acc.org and don't forget to share your thoughts and spark discussion among each other on social media using #CardiologyMag and tagging @ACCinTouch. Also, we hope to see some of you at the ESC Congress 2023 later this month in Amsterdam. For those who can't attend, the College will be providing live coverage of late-breaking science and updates on ACC.org and JACC.org, as well as via social media over the course of the meeting from Aug. 25-28. Until next month!

Peter C. Block, MD, FACC

Peter C. Block

John Gordon Harold, MD, MACC

John Gordon Harold


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