1. Fields are blocked in data collection sheet

    Yes, some columns and cells in the data collection sheet are locked. The data collection sheet is programmed with multiple algorithms to calculate differences in time, mean, median, and other proportions automatically. The sheet is locked so that those algorithms remain intact and standardized for all GHATI facilities.
  2. How do I calculate mean/median?

    The mean and median are automatically calculated by the algorithm programmed into the data collection sheet. No calculations are required for mean or median values.
  3. What about protocol and IRB?

    There is no research protocol for GHATI as the aim is to improve the quality of care to patients with STEMI in low- and middle-income countries. Because the participating GHATI facilities are sending aggregated data only (mean, median, proportion) to ACC, no individual patient's data are shared.
  4. Can't enter patient name into data collection sheet

    The data collection sheet does not permit entering a patient's name. The field is blocked as a measure to protect the information. If a GHATI site chooses to track a patient by name, they may do so in another document.
  5. Quarter is done, how do I send my data collection sheet to ACC?

    Please do not send the data collection sheet to ACC or any ACC team members. The spreadsheet can be considered patient identifying information, and we cannot view this information legally.
  6. Transferred patients?
    • If patient was transferred to other facility for CABG, should I enter NO to the discharge medications? This is a great question. We have not been asked about this yet. I am inquiring with our clinical leads on how they would like to proceed here. I will let you know as soon as I have more information.
    • If the patient died, should I enter NO to the discharge medications? If the patient died, you do not have to enter any answer to the discharge medications into the data collection sheet (spreadsheet) – the understanding is that they did not receive discharge medications. When you complete the survey, the denominator for discharge medication questions is the (number of patients discharged alive). So, we will see the correct % of patients who receive discharge medications out of the total number of patients discharged alive.
    • Due to the current situation, those patient that were transferred, I cannot check their arrival time to the referring facility. It is usually not stated in the electronic chart. Most of the time it is in the referral form which is in the record section. How should I answer that column? When we ask for arrival time, we are looking for arrival time at the GHATI facility. So, we would want the date and time that the patient arrived to your facility.