Young Investigator Awards Competition

The Young Investigator Awards competition encourages young scientific investigators of promise to continue with their cutting-edge journey. At ACC.23/WCC 18 finalists will battle it out in the Clinical Investigations, Basic and Translational Science or Outcome Research category. The first place winner in each category receives $2,000, second place winners receive $1,000 and 4 honorable mentions in each category receive $500. All 18 finalists will receive up to $1,500 in reimbursements to attend the YIA competition at ACC's Annual Scientific Session.


Physicians, scientists, medical students, and other healthcare providers currently in residency or fellowship programs or are no more than three years out of training. PhD, PharmD or DNP candidates who are no more than three years out of training may also apply.

Note: Candidates will be eligible for this award up to four years after completion of training if more than three months of family or sick leave was taken during training or in the first three years after completion of training.

How to Apply 

Deadline to submit your abstract is 1 p.m. on August 29, 2022

Submit a manuscript and abstract summarizing any problem that relates to cardiovascular disease whether it be in etiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, or therapy.

Award Categories include the following:

  • Clinical Investigations
  • Basic and Translational Science
  • Outcomes Research

Please click here for YIA Category Descriptions.

Click here to learn more about submitting your application.

Deadline to submit a manuscript and abstract is TBD.

For questions, please contact Kristin Robertson at

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