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ACC's awards programs are designed to both honor those who have made a difference in cardiology, and inspire and support the next generation of cardiovascular professionals. Transforming cardiovascular care and improving heart health requires innovative thinking. These awards celebrate and encourage those among us changing the future of cardiology.

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) Distinguished Awards

The ACC's Distinguished Awards recognize outstanding individuals making contributions to the cardiovascular profession. The ACC is proud to offer these awards to the researchers, scientists, and members of the CV Team.

Master of the American College of Cardiology (MACC) Designation

The MACC designation honors a limited number of FACCs who have consistently contributed to the goals and programs of the College and have provided leadership in important College-wide activities.

Douglas P. Zipes Distinguished Young Scientist Award

The Douglas P. Zipes Distinguished Young Scientist Award recognizes young physician scientists who have contributed to the field of cardiovascular disease and who have amassed an impressive body of scientific research in either the basic or clinical domains. Established in 2005, this award is given to an individual in their early career.

Young Investigator Awards

The Young Investigator Awards (YIA) competition encourages and recognizes young scientific investigators of promise to battle it out at ACC's Annual Scientific Session. Award categories includes, Clinical Investigations, Basic & Translational Science, and Outcomes Research.

*New This Year!* Hani Najm Global Scholar Award

The Hani Najm Global Scholar Award was established to encourage the sharing of knowledge between international cardiology professionals to better combat the devastating effects of cardiovascular disease worldwide. The program aims to provide an opportunity for early career cardiologists in Saudi Arabia and/or North Africa to elevate their training by participating in and Observership Program in the United States.