Early Career Faces of Cardiology | Why I Chose to Become an FACC: Yasmin Siddiqui, DO, MPH, FACC

Yasmin Siddiqui, DO, MPH, FACC

My name is Yasmin Siddiqui and I am a noninvasive cardiologist in Las Vegas, NV. I share an office-based practice with a group of cardiology providers within a large multispecialty group.

We focus on delivering quality care based on collaboration with providers throughout the organization. We also value continuous education in cardiovascular medicine and strive to provide the highest standard of care to our cardiovascular disease patients.

I am proud to work with such esteemed colleagues who are Fellows of the American College of Cardiology (FACC), and was honored to have their support as I began my own path toward becoming an FACC.

As an ACC Fellow in Training, I participated in my local ACC state chapter and ACC national legislative initiatives. I was also actively involved with ACC's Women in Cardiology Section.

These were great networking opportunities that highlighted the importance of ACC membership to my career in cardiology.

All my career mentors and role models both during and after my fellowship training hold the FACC designation. As an early career cardiologist, I decided to follow in their footsteps so that I too could represent a group of professionals that promote excellence in cardiovascular medicine.

This path has connected me to an invaluable network of colleagues dedicated to the advancement of my field as well as to an abundance of learning opportunities to enhance my knowledge and practice.

I recognize that each of us can make a meaningful contribution toward cardiovascular medicine through the unity, tools and resources provided by the ACC. I chose the FACC designation so that I could call the ACC my professional home.

I look forward to my journey with the ACC and the opportunities to come for a fulfilling career. In addition, I am excited to support future cardiology professionals in their paths toward FACC.

Through collaboration and mentorship, shared values and goals, we can make significant strides in cardiovascular medicine.

This article was authored by Yasmin Siddiqui, DO, MPH, FACC, noninvasive cardiologist at Southwest Medical, Part of OptumCare in Las Vegas, NV.