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Welcome to the Women in Cardiology (WIC) Member Section!

If you are a woman physician practicing in the field of cardiology, no matter what your sub-specialty — the WIC Section is your home!

The WIC Section provides you with a forum to collaborate with women of all areas and backgrounds to address the issues that are most important to you. Whether you are a fellow in training, early career professional, Fellow of the ACC (FACC) or even an International Associate, the Section has something for every woman.

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Section News

Hena Patel, MD, with her child

Reflections on Mother’s Day From Women in Cardiology

May 7, 2021   |   Gina Price Lundberg, MD, FACCKamala P. Tamirisa, MD, FACCHena Patel, MD Marlene Blaise, MD, FACCToniya Singh, MBBS, FACC

Feature Article

Mother’s Day engenders a wide variety of emotions, thoughts and feelings in women. New mothers have different feelings than mothers of adult children. Women who have decided not to have children, women who were adopted or women who have adopted children feel differently than women fighting the biologic time clock or going through infertility treatments.

JACC: Case Reports

JACC: Case Reports: Why Are We Not There Yet?

April 26, 2021

JACC Family of Journals

"Despite major advances in cardiovascular disease prevention, diagnosis, and therapies for women in the past decades, cardiovascular disease remains their leading cause of morbidity and mortality."

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