Dear Co-FITS: A Letter From New Editor-in-Chief

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Dear Co-FITs,

I hope that the start of this new academic year has been good to you all! I want to send a special welcome to new FITs across the globe as they enter the field of cardiology and the ACC, which will be their professional home for the rest of their careers.

My name is J.D. Serfas, MD, and I'm honored and excited to serve for the next year as editor-in-chief of the ACC On-Call for FITs newsletter.

This newsletter is designed to provide you with relevant content created by FITs and for FITs on cardiology topics ranging from legislation and advocacy, reviews of recent meetings, financial advice, diversity and inclusion, and advice on managing the crucial transition from fellowship to your first job.

In the most recent issue of the newsletter, we have a review of a recent conference on adult congenital heart disease; the inaugural installment of a new "Mentor Spotlight" series, which we highlight the contributions of a mentor who has embodied the #HeForShe movement; and the first of a two-part series on the emerging field of telehealth.

Keep an eye out for our recurring series "Conversations with Cardiologists," which features fellow-led interviews with prominent cardiologists (check out last month's incredible interview with Martin B. Leon, MD, FACC), and "FIT Spotlight," which a selected fellow's accomplishments and interests are highlighted.

This year, we aim to bring new content to the newsletter. In addition to the new "Mentor Spotlight" series, we plan to add a "Program Spotlight" series, where new innovations of fellowship programs spanning the country are shared with us for inspiration.

We will also work to bring insights from the newly-established Chief Fellow Network, which is designed to allow chief fellows everywhere to share ideas and improve cardiology training for all of us. Beyond the newsletter, there is even more relevant content at

We want to hear from you. What content do you want to see? Want your piece highlighted in the newsletter? Want to get involved with the ACC? Then get in touch – you can email us at or message me personally on Twitter – @SerfasJ.

Looking forward to a great year,

J.D. Serfas, MD
editor-in-chief of the ACC On-Call for FITs newsletter and ACHD FIT at Duke University in Durham, NC.