Dear Incoming Cardiology Fellows in Training

Anudeep Dodeja, MD

Dear Incoming Cardiology Fellows in Training (FITs),


You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime – training in this great field is exciting, challenging rewarding, and will open your eyes to the incredible breadth of cardiovascular medicine. Along the way, we at the ACC FIT Section Leadership Council aim to be your go-to source for information and updates on all things relevant to life as a cardiology fellow.

Throughout your time as a cardiology FIT, you can expect a monthly email containing the ACC FIT Newsletter, which is packed with content created by FITs, for FITs. You will find articles covering a wide range of interests including career development, advocacy, review of recent meetings, financial advice, medical education, state/chapter activities, and the latest in health and technology.

Keep an eye out for our recurring series "Conversations with Cardiologists," which features fellow-led interviews with prominent cardiologists, as well our Spotlight series, in which we highlight the accomplishments of innovative and impactful fellows, mentors and programs across the world. We also feature personal perspectives and reflections by FITs on a variety of subjects including: advocacy, diversity and inclusion, women in cardiology and much more! You can check out prior editions of the newsletter, upcoming events and opportunities and more FIT-relevant content at

Most importantly, we need your input. What content do you want to see? Want your piece highlighted in the newsletter? Want to get involved with the ACC? Then get in touch – you can email us at or message me personally on Twitter – @anudodejamd.

Looking forward to a great year,

Anudeep Dodeja, MD
Adult Congenital Heart Disease & Advanced Imaging FIT at The Ohio State University & Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH, and Editor-in-Chief of the ACC FIT Newsletter