Call For Volunteers: FIT Mock Interview Program

Dear Fellows in Training (FITs),

Last year, we initiated a "FIT Mock Interview" program in which fellows of all levels conducted virtual mock interviews for applicants to general cardiology fellowship in order to help them navigate a fully virtual interview season. Given the overwhelmingly positive feedback from applicants/interviewees, we hope to continue the program for years to come.

We are looking for FIT volunteers who would be willing to host two to three mock virtual interviews (sometime between mid-August and early-September, with exact time to be arranged between you and interviewee).

Each interview would entail briefly reviewing the applicant's CV and personal statement, conducting a 30-minute virtual interview, and providing 15 – 20 minutes of feedback and helpful tips thereafter. We will provide you with a "best practices" document to help guide you, and we will ask that you complete a very brief post-interview survey in order to help us continue to improve the program. In return for completion of the interviews and surveys, you will be entered to win one of three $100 gift cards as a thank you for your time.

If interested, please sign up by July 23.

We greatly appreciate your interest in this initiative to support our future colleagues.


The ACC FIT Leadership Council