Use ECG Drill & Practice to Prepare For the Boards

Are you preparing for initial Board certification in CV disease or looking to hone your ECG interpretation skills? ECG Drill & Practice can help! With this online program you will review key findings in clinical electrocardiography and can take advantage of the self-assessment ECG test. It features format and answer options similar to those on the American Board of Internal Medicine's certifying examination in cardiovascular disease to help you identify gaps and areas to focus on. Use it in three convenient learning modes to learn in the best way to meet your needs. The Learn Mode teaches you how to recognize and differentiate ECGs across several topics. Through the Drill/Practice Mode, you can view ECGs "flash cards" to practice your interpretation skills. Turn each card over to see the answer and explanation. And lastly, the Perform Mode has you interpreting ECGs using the ABIM's interpretation list. In this mode, you'll receive detailed commentary on how your answer compares to the experts. Learn more.