The Heart Failure and Transplant Section Member Section and Leadership Council shall be called upon to consider all matters related to heart failure, cardiac and cardiopulmonary transplantation, and mechanical circulatory support, including clinical practices, credentialing issues, government and third-party payer relationships, research and funding, training, allocation of organ issues, and continued medical education in all areas of heart failure including medical and surgical therapies.

The Leadership Council may also undertake device and instrumentation assessments as they relate to cardiac and cardiopulmonary transplantation. The Leadership Council represents those interests within the College and facilitates collaboration among external stakeholders, including professional societies. The purpose of the Leadership Council is to represent the heart failure and transplant constituency and ensure those perspectives have been considered in College strategy, activities, and initiatives.


  • Act as a liaison to—and a voice for—heart failure cardiovascular specialist members within and on behalf of the College.
  • Give input on guidelines relating to heart failure (including heart transplant and mechanical circulatory support) as appropriate.
  • Serve as a resource to the JACC: Heart Failure journal
  • Support dedicated resources for heart failure specialists, including but not limited to, board certification preparation tools, maintenance of certification, access to guidelines, and a primer to quality programs.
  • Create specific practical and clinical programming and content geared towards heart failure (including heart failure and mechanical circulatory support) at the ACC annual scientific sessions