Empower Your Patients With ACC’s New HF Tools and Resources

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ACC's CardioSmart team recently developed a suite of tools and resources to help patients with heart failure begin managing their condition and know what to expect. Help your patients reach their goals with the "I Have Heart Failure With Reduced Ejection Fraction. Now What?" My Heart Failure Action Plan.

Developed for patients with newly diagnosed Stage C HFrEF to guide them in initiating medical therapy during the first six to 12 months, this Action Plan guides patients on how to make informed decisions about the best first steps for managing their condition.

A Clinician How-To tool was also created to help clinicians make the most out of the Action Plan. In addition, several worksheets are available to help facilitate optimal self-management in between follow-up appointments, such as a daily weight tracker, symptom assessment and medication adherence tips.

The Heart Failure infographic helps patients better understand their condition. Another interactive tool to help you empower your patients is the Heart Failure video (above), which explains the condition and show patients how they can take an active role in their care. Visit CardioSmart.org/MyHFActionPlan for more tools and resources.