Life Interrupted: On the Front Lines With COVID-19

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As hospitals have dramatically repurposed to care for COVID-19 patients, the lives of cardiovascular imagers and researchers have been put "on pause" and caused considerable uncertainty about the future of the specialty, according to a viewpoint article published June 23 in JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging.

Robert C. Hendel, MD, FACC; Jennifer H. Mieres, MD; Ron Blankstein, MD, FACC; Leslee J. Shaw, PhD, FACC; Jagat Narula, MD, DM, PhD, MACC; et al., discuss how during this challenging time, cardiovascular imagers have had to balance their responsibilities among imaging laboratories, patient care, teaching house staff, and other clinical and administrative duties.

They note that it is impossible to tell what the new normal will look like, but one thing is clear – ahead is a long road of learning, adapting and collaborating as they inch beyond the flattening curve. Read more.

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