Meet Laboratory's ICANL Accreditation Requirements With the New Clinical Nuclear Cardiology Program

Stay on top of your nuclear cardiology game with the brand new Clinical Nuclear Cardiology: From the Nuts and Bolts to the Recent Advances Meeting on Demand™ Program. This new online program consists of 38 presentations and dozens of self-assessment questions. It was curated by 33 world-renowned nuclear cardiology faculty, led by co-editors, Niti R. Aggarwal, MD, FACC, and Renee Bullock-Palmer, MD, FACC.

These experts cover topics ranging from the nuts and bolts of the nuclear laboratory to the role of cardiac imaging in women and special populations, and so much more! You won't want to miss out on this top-quality education and the opportunity to earn all the credit needed to meet laboratory's ICANL accreditation requirements. Click here to learn more!