Why Form A Chapter of the ACC in your Country?

Throughout the past 30 years, ACC’s international members and cardiovascular societies around the world have expressed interest in establishing ACC Chapters outside of the United States. To be responsive to the needs of members outside the U.S. and to achieve its international mission, the College has approved a policy to allow the formation of international ACC Chapters in close collaboration with national CV societies.

Forming a chapter of ACC members in your country will open new opportunities for ACC Fellows.

A country chapter will provide a direct link to the ACC Board of Directors through the International Council including:

  • The opportunity to provide the ACC Board with input about ACC products and programs, education and events to make them more relevant to your country context
  • The opportunity to help set ACC’s international agenda including how best to circulate information that members would find most helpful/beneficial
  • The opportunity to provide the ACC Board with input about benefits that make ACC membership desirable

A country chapter will help ACC better serve the needs of its members by:

  • Providing a venue for members to meet and discuss issues relevant to the practice of cardiology in their home country
  • Offering leadership opportunities to F.A.C.C. in their home country
  • Creating mentoring and networking opportunities amongst F.A.C.C. and other cardiologists affiliated with the ACC

Country chapters also have access to additional benefits that include:

  • Listing of your country chapter events on the ACC website
  • The opportunity to network with other ACC country chapters to share ideas for programs, membership recruitment and to share expertise
  • Use of the ACC name and logo for your chapter’s materials
  • The opportunity to organize joint education events and activities
  • Access to the list of all ACC members in your country
  • Assistance from ACC staff on Fellow applications

For additional information about how to form an ACC Country Chapter please refer to the ACC Chapter Guidelines or contact Neal Kovach at international@acc.org

How to Start an ACC Country Chapter

1. Review the Chapter Guidelines.

All members of an ACC local chapter must be members of ACC in the U.S. The ACC can supply a list of all F.A.C.C.s, which will allow you to identify any current members in your area. As stated in the Chapter guidelines, ACC country chapters must have the support of all local cardiovascular societies.

2. Set up an organizational meeting. Discuss:
  • The viability of starting a chapter
  • When and where to meet
  • Chapter leadership
  • Resources needed
    (Please note that ACC is not able to provide financial resources to support the operations of ACC international chapters.)
  • Commitment to policies and procedures for ACC chapters
    (Please note that it is the responsibility of the international chapter to comply with the legal requirements for chapter formation in a particular chapter’s country or countries; this includes laws governing legal incorporation, taxation and the development of bylaws. Each international chaptershall be organized in the most appropriate formal or informal institutional structure with bylaws that shall be approved by the ACC’s Board of Trustees and mirror ACC National bylaws and the mission.)

3. Plan, promote and hold a first “Chapter-in-Formation” meeting

4. Submit an application packet to ACC that includes:

  • The names of potential chapter members and/or leaders
  • A description of the role and activities envisioned for the chapter
  • A letter of intent from the President of the national CV society(ies) that confirms that the society’s board supports the establishment of an ACC chapter in its country or region and expresses whether the society(ies) is/are interested in hosting the country chapter within the society’s organizational structure or prefer(s) collaborating with it as an external body

This information should be submitted to ACC International Affairs Department via email to Neal Kovach at international@acc.org