Welcome to the Reproductive Health & Cardio-Obstetrics Member Section

Welcome to the Cardio-Obstetrics Work Group!

We are so excited to announce the College has created the new Reproductive Health and Cardio-Obstetrics Member Section. Cardio-Obstetrics is a tremendous area of burgeoning growth in cardiology as it relates to clinical care, research, advocacy and interdisciplinary collaboration.

avatarNatalie Bello, MD, MPH, FACC
avatarKi Park, MD, FACC

Through this Section, we hope to transform cardiovascular care and health in women worldwide and provide a grounding point for those with such shared interests in this field.

Join Us – Free in 2023

We are an active group of cardiovascular professionals dedicated to improving maternal outcomes related to cardiovascular diseases. Join us for FREE in 2023 as we launch the Section and continue the important work we began as a Work Group.

Questions? Contact ACC Member Care at membercare@acc.org.

The creation of this Section addresses the needs and gaps in care in all domains including clinical care, education, training/mentorship, research, engagement, and public policy. The Mission of this Section will be to provide members with knowledge in a structured and organized approach on the cardiovascular care of patients surrounding all aspects of pregnancy and reproductive health; create actionable and accessible knowledge for members of the College; enhance the training of FITs by encouraging incorporation of these topics into their didactic curriculum; and lead advocacy efforts to improve care and accessibility to care for our patients. This Mission aligns with our goal to advance the value and equity of cardiovascular care for patients' health during and around pregnancy and across the reproductive years.

Through the ACC Cardio-Obstetrics Work Group, we worked to improve maternal outcomes through education—including by producing a webinar and journal club series as well as the first-ever dedicated ACC Cardio-Obstetrics CME webinar this past November. We also worked in close collaboration with ACC Advocacy to promote legislation related to maternal health and published data garnered through an ACC membership survey identifying knowledge gaps in cardio-obstetrics.

In transitioning to an ACC Section, we aim to expand these efforts into working and collaborating with a broader group within ACC to include cardiologists with diverse backgrounds, cardiovascular team members and those outside of ACC including obstetrics, maternal fetal medicine, primary care, anesthesiology and many others.


Natalie Bello, MD, MPH, FACC


Ki Park, MD, FACC


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