Career Development | September Career Development Tips From the WIC Section

Tips For Getting Promoted in an Academic Center

  • Share goals for promotion with administration: working with your division director or other senior faculty who have already gone through the promotion process can be helpful to better understand the process, including how to be successful and avoid potential pitfalls. – Sharon L. Roble, MD, FACC, an assistant professor of clinical medicine at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.
  • Have a mentor, or a mentoring network, that can comment on your progress and provide tips to improve the likelihood of successful promotion. – Anne L. Taylor, MD, FACC, the John Lindenbaum Professor of Medicine/Cardiology at Columbia University Medical Center, senior vice president for Faculty Affairs and Career Development, and vice dean for academic affairs at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, in New York, NY.

Tips For Success in a Private Practice

  • Do your billing within 24 hours of an encounter. Delayed billing leads to errors and loss of revenue; many insurance companies reject claims that are submitted late. Collect co-pays at the time of a visit. Make sure patients who need referrals have them prior to the visit.  – Toniya Singh, MD, FACC, a cardiologist at Partner St Louis Heart and Vascular in St. Louis, MO.