Poem | The Healer Speaks

The Healer Speaks
My dearest patient:
When I see the hurt in you,
I want to reach out
And wrap myself around you,
To protect you.
I cannot myself take the pain from you,
I cannot shield you from the damage
Of deterioration and injury.
Yet, when you hurt I hurt,
When you heal I heal.
You shouldn't hurt alone.
I am honored to hurt with you.
I am honored to hurt for you.

The Patient Speaks
My dearest doctor:
Do not hurt for me.
Do not hurt with me.
Let me hurt without you,
For my hurt is temporary,
And I will heal.
Whether physically,
Or perhaps spiritually.
I fear your hurt is irreversible,
And you may not heal.
While you protect me,
Who will protect you?
Since I cannot protect you,
How will you protect yourself?

The Healer Responds
My dear patient:
I suspect
You are right.
Thank you for releasing me,
To protect myself too.
To care for myself too.
To heal myself too.
To gain healing
In the midst of others too.
Thank you for helping me see
That first I have to take care of me.

© 2019 Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown

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Cardiology Magazine Image

This Poem was authored by Sherry-Ann Brown, MD, PhD, an Associate Fellow at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.