Highlights From WIC Episodes of the Practice Made Perfect Podcast: Part II

During Women's History Month this March, the WIC Section produced weekly episodes for the ACC Practice Made Perfect podcast. Each episode was hosted by WIC Leadership Council member, Kamala Tamirisa, MD, FACC. Tamirisa had the opportunity to interview a diverse group of female cardiologists. Summaries of the first two episodes are available here.

In the March 25th episode, titled, “The Creative Cardiologist,” Danielle Belardo, MD, and Suzanne Brown Sacks, MD, discussed mindfulness and creativity. Belardo has a large social media presence and stated staying professional and tuning out the noise helped her feel valued to express her opinions. She recommended women empower and support other women and for us all to remember the "why" during our times of stress, anxiety, burnout and to create an environment of healing for ourselves. However, if social media is not your platform, Sacks encouraged listeners to seek out people who share similar extracurricular activities. As a musician and cardiologist, she noted one of the most important lessons for her has been to realize that life is a balance, which changes over time. To maintain that balance, she advocated for listeners to customize one’s life to fit their passion (such as part-time opportunities) by "finding what is MOST important to YOU!"

All Practice Made Perfect podcast episodes are available on acc.org, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

This article was authored by Toral Patel, MD, FACC.

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