Just Announced: 2022 Awardees of the WIC Member Engagement Grant

Congratulations to the 2022 awardees of the WIC Membership Engagement Grant: ACC Maryland State Chapter, ACC Northern New England Chapter, ACC Pennsylvania State Chapter, and ACC West Virginia State Chapter! The next round of applications will open in Summer 2023.

Through the WIC Member Engagement Grant, state chapters can jointly apply for funds to support state and local WIC events. The goal of hosting a WIC Event is to engage members on the state level. The meetings should provide invaluable opportunities for women in cardiology to gain leadership experience, targeted networking, serve on panels, and connect with fellow WIC in their region. The decision to host a WIC event is at the discretion of the participating state chapter member leaders and chapter executives, it should be a collaborative relationship and decision-making process. If the event is outside the scope of the chapter budget, please ensure your chapter executive has the bandwidth and budget to successfully support it. Hosting a regional meeting is not required by ACC or the ACC Women in Cardiology Leadership Council. Learn more.