FIT and Early Career Programming Tailored For Next Generation of Cardiologists

Fellows in training (FITs) and Early Career Professionals (ECPs) are in a phase of amplified learning, ingesting as much knowledge and information as they can about their respective fields and specialties. To foster this knowledge, ACC.15 places a special emphasis on programming tailored for the next generation of cardiologist.

Over the course of the next three days, a multitude of FIT- and ECP-specific programs will be offered. Arguably the most essential of these available offerings are the face-to-face moments these groups will have with the veteran leaders and experts. “I think the Annual Scientific Session every year does an amazing job of bringing together all the leaders in cardiology and exposing attendees to some of the latest and greatest thoughts, theories and technologies that one may not be readily exposed to,” says Andrew Freeman, MD, FACC, chair of the ACC’s Early Career Professional Section.

Within the halls of the San Diego Convention Center, ECPs will be exposed to a brand new networking event specifically designed to pair potential mentors with mentees. “It’s actually been in the works for a while. When we formed our Section we surveyed all of the College’s early career members – about 7,000 – to get an idea of what things were missing and what they needed, and one of them was mentors – particularly mentors outside their own institutions and even in private practice and traditionally non-academic settings.” The Early Career Mentoring Event will be held tomorrow from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Early Career Lounge.

FITs will also be privy to a bit of face-time with cardiology leaders as part of the informal Mix & Mingle social gathering, held today from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Center Terrace, as well as a series of teaching and mentoring sessions in the FIT Lounge.

In addition to these essential networking opportunities, FITs and ECPs are encouraged to experience the latest science and late-breaking trials. FITs meanwhile have the chance to explore a number of FIT Forum Sessions, including activities such as a Jeopardy competition, “Stump the Professor” challenges, and learning portals that delve into innovative careers in medicine and educational scholarships.

Following the structure of the conference as a whole, one of the top goals of the ECP and FIT programming has simply been to make the experience more interactive and personable. “One of the specific things we’re trying to do is make the rooms more conducive to discussion,” says Michael Cullen, MD, member of the ACC.15 FIT Programming Committee. “This year, we’ve tried to make the rooms much smaller, with round tables where the speaker can walk back and forth into the audience a little bit more effectively.”

Back again for their fourth year are the FITs on the GO roving reporters – a group of FITs who will conduct video interviews with key ACC leaders and researchers throughout the meeting. Watch their videos at

Search for additional activities designed for FITs and ECPs in the ACC.15 App.

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