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Leadership Training for ACC Chapters and Sections

The ACC is committed to scaling its leadership development programming to ensure a diverse and inclusive pipeline of future leaders. As such, the ACC’s Member Leadership Development team now offers free, tailored leadership development programming to ACC State Chapters or interested ACC Sections on request.

Topics that can be adapted to suit the needs of specific ACC Chapter and Section members, include:

  1. What is Leadership: An introductory session on leadership skills with an emphasis on communication.
  2. The Everyday Leader: A session focused on helping leaders define their values and purpose and moving towards a personal leadership trajectory. 
  3. Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders: How can we develop and cultivate the essential skills for successful leadership within our chapters and sections?
  4. Negotiation Skills and Conflict Resolution: How to identify, address and resolve conflict through effective communication.
  5. Strategic Thinking: How do you develop strategies and how do you get them implemented?
  6. Career Planning/Effective Networking: How do you plan your career/network effectively so that you are successful?
  7. Finding Your Voice and Setting Firm Boundaries: An introductory session on the power of no and speaking up.
  8. Effective Communication: Listening, speaking with clarity and powerful questions.
  9. Delivering Feedback: How to give constructive and effective feedback.
  10. Leading, Managing and Supporting Change: Becoming an advocate for change.

This list is not comprehensive. If you lead a Chapter or Section and would like to discuss leadership programs that are specific to your needs, please contact Kat Niewiadomska ( for more information.

Leadership Academy Lite

The ACC's inaugural Leadership Academy Lite program will be offered in summer of 2021. Leadership Academy Lite is an intensive 1.5-day leadership development program open to all members and is offered at Heart House in Washington D.C. Register now.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • Managing change
  • Communicating with influence
  • Leading strategically
  • Inspiring “followership"
  • Finding your authentic leadership style. 

The event also offers opportunities to network with cardiovascular professionals and esteemed ACC leaders within the cardiovascular field, while providing a limited number of continuing education credits.

Participants will be required to pay for their travel and lodging, while ACC will cover all programming-associated costs (course, course materials, program-associated meals and the networking event). 

Email Kat Niewiadomska ( or Rosanne Nelson ( for more information.

Register here.

Formal Mentorship Program

The ACC’s new and improved Formal Mentoring program provides real-world support and coaching for Fellows in Training (FITs) and Early Career members, while also supporting ACC’s generous Mentors with education, tools and resources.

The program is by application only. The application cycle begins on Oct. 1 of each year and closes on Dec. 15. The formal program launches in March for the applicants accepted into the program. Watch this space for registration links once the application cycle opens.

ACC Member Mentoring is a one-year formal mentorship program designed to support and further FITs and Early-Career members in achieving their professional goals.

What is a mentor?

A mentor formally or informally helps one navigate career/professional goals, providing guidance for choices and decisions based on experience.

Who drives the relationship?

The mentee drives the relationship while the mentor remains reactive and responsive to the mentee's needs.

What does a mentor do?

A mentor helps mentees determine possible career paths to meet goals or overcome obstacles in professional development.

This program is currently open only to FIT or Early Career applicants who are ACC members. Accepted applicants are paired with ACC leaders via a targeted selection process, with the goal of creating a meaningful relationship aligned to key areas of growth and development critical to the mentee.

The robust programming also involves quarterly evaluations to assess progress, roadblocks and success. Each mentee also receives newsletters and best-practice resources intended to support the ongoing relationship.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A medical resident, FIT, Early Career member within two years of training, or CV Team member under 45 years of age and within two years of training
  • Attending the ACC’s Annual Scientific Session  
  • Able to dedicate at least two hours per month for mentorship
  • Clear on what career or professional goal you are trying to achieve
  • Willing to support the development and success of this program by responding to surveys and questionnaires that will help us assess and improve ACC Member Mentorship

Email Kat Niewiadomska ( if you would like to be notified of the next application cycle.

Leadership Academy

The ACC’s Leadership Academy is a two-year leadership development program that serves to further develop select early career members of the ACC. The robust programming addresses various leadership-specific competencies to ensure each appointee is highly qualified to lead the cardiovascular profession, while also fulfilling the College’s current and future leadership needs. Designed with member needs and an evolving health care system in mind, the programming provides a broad understanding of leadership styles and skills. Additionally, the curriculum addresses varied perspectives on critical leadership challenges, while also providing an awareness of concepts and techniques relevant to leading effectively within their respective institution, and within the ACC.

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