We Are Driving Global Change

NCD Academy Reaches 18,000+ Users

ACC's NCD Academy reached 18,000+ users across 141 countries in 2022. This global program arming primary care providers with information and tools to reduce the burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in their communities was also recently granted CME to add value for stateside audiences as well. The course catalog now includes cardiovascular disease, COVID-19, oncology, mental health, diabetes and advocacy and is available in eight languages.

Global Heart Attack Treatment Initiative Exceeds 6,000 Records

The Global Heart Attack Treatment Initiative (GHATI) continues to make an impact, helping improve outcomes for MI patients in low- and middle-income countries through data collection and the use of localized education around guideline-directed medical therapy. To date, the initiative has collected 6,126 STEMI records across 47 participating sites in 20 countries. A Late-Breaking Clinical Trial presented at ACC.22 based on the initial data revealed potential existing gender differences in global STEMI care.

We Are Driving Global Change

ACCELERATING' CV Care Transformation in Mexico

ACCELERATING CV Care Transformation in Mexico

Seventeen leaders representing clinicians, industry, government and health institutes across Mexico gathered for ACC's first international roundtable to identify best practices and potential solutions for optimizing patient care and outcomes throughout the country. Attendees discussed opportunities to grow a more diverse cardiovascular workforce in Mexico and leverage technologies like telehealth and remote patient monitoring to expand access to health care in underserved populations.

Developing Future Global Leaders

We Are Driving Global Change
I will definitely be able to make a difference in the hundreds of patients I'm going to treat when I come back home [from the observership.]

Fatima Qurratulain, MBBS
Hani Najm Global Scholar

In 2022, the ACC virtually hosted the Wael Al Mahmeed Global Leadership Institute with 27 cardiologists from 18 different countries. Attendees were nominated by their respective Assembly of International Governors representative and had the opportunity to not only engage with ACC leaders, but also work with ACC's Leadership Development team to access practical tools and gain knowledge on how to be an effective leader.

The ACC was also honored to again offer the Hani Najm Global Scholar Awards, providing two early career cardiologists residing in the Middle East and North Africa region the opportunity to elevate their training by participating in the ACC Annual Scientific Session and completing an observership program in the United States.

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