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ACC is dedicated to creating a strong, diverse and inclusive field of future cardiovascular physicians and scientists. ACC's Internal Medicine Cardiology Programs are designed to introduce participants to a career in cardiology by connecting them with the mentors, peer network and resources they need to understand career opportunities in the field of cardiology. Apply to participate in a future cohort to gain exposure to education, knowledge and a community of support. Click the buttons below and explore this page to learn more!

Guide The Next Generation of Cardiologists: Call For Internal Medicine Cardiology Program Mentors

The ACC is seeking mentors for its Internal Medicine Cardiology Programs, designed to provide exposure, education, information, networking and mentorship to underrepresented groups in cardiology.

Join as a volunteer mentor and be part of the College's workforce diversity efforts. Led by Quinn Capers IV, MD, FACC, these programs are essential in providing pathways into cardiology fellowship and training; the expertise, experience and guidance from ACC members is crucial in making them a success. Current cohorts include African American/Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Indigenous Peoples, LGBTQ+ and Women's Internal Medicine Cardiology Programs.

Get involved with this important initiative today and help advance ACC's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy as well as the career trajectory of the next generation of cardiologists.

Submit your application to become a mentor here. Questions? Email

ACC is proud to announce the inaugural Indigenous People's Internal Medicine Cardiology Fall 2023 cohort!

ACC is continuously working to expand our reach and education in further diversifying the field of cardiology, while simultaneously creating an environment of belonging for all. We aim to nurture and support those of the Indigenous People's community who aspire to become cardiologists of the future. Dedicated ACC staff and members have emphasized the need to build an inclusive and supportive environment for all and are prepared to meet the needs of this community of clinicians. We hope to strengthen your confidence in being who you are as a future cardiovascular professional. Please come join us!

New in 2023!

Statement of Need

ACC strives to achieve its Vision of "a world where innovation and knowledge optimize cardiovascular care and outcomes." Guided by our Strategic Plan, ACC has embarked on diversity and inclusion imperatives that will diversify the cardiovascular workforce, create a more inclusive cardiovascular profession through education and awareness, and lastly, improve cardiovascular health outcomes for all patient groups.

These initial programs will focus largely on those identified groups who have been historically underrepresented in cardiology (URC); African American/Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Women, Native American and Indigenous Peoples, and more.

ACC Internal Medicine Cardiology Program


To continue to impact the national and global burden of heart disease we must train a diverse group of talented cardiologists," said Quinn Capers, IV, MD, FACC, chair of ACC's Diversity and Inclusion Committee. "A cardiology workforce that benefits from unique, diverse perspectives will enhance research, education, and clinical care, and will help eliminate health care disparities. The ACC is committed to developing a strong field of future cardiovascular physicians and scientists.  

Target Audience

  • Interns and Residents in US accredited internal medicine programs
  • Completed IM Residency and pursing formal Cardiology fellowship training


  • Expose internal medicine trainees (interns and residents) to opportunities in the field of cardiology through an in-person program organized by ACC;
  • Create relationships and connections for interested program participants with ACC mentors and leaders in the cardiovascular field;
  • Establish a network of peers, mentors, and leaders for lifelong communication and support;
  • Provide access to all ACC educational resources and tools; and
  • Ensure successful matriculation into a cardiology fellowship training program along with growth as an ACC cardiovascular professional.

Steering Work Group (WG)

Quinn Capers, IV, MD, FACC

Quinn Capers, IV, MD, FACC
Chair of D & I Committee

Melvin Echols, MD, FACC

Melvin Echols, MD, FACC
ACC Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

Jason Deen, MD, FAAP, FAAC

Jason Deen, MD, FAAP, FAAC
WG Co-Chair

Mayra Guerrero, MD, FACC

Mayra Guerrero, MD, FACC
WG Co-Chair

Melanie Sulistio, MD, FACC

Melanie Sulistio, MD, FACC
WG Co-Chair

Program Format and Highlights

The full-day virtual program will include:

  • Welcome with the ACC leaders
  • Meeting with partnering organization leaders
  • Presentations by leaders in the field of cardiology on available opportunities, success rates, and pragmatics
  • Panel discussion with Q&A to address questions and concerns of trainees
  • Networking with leaders and mentors
  • Relationship building with program cohort
Yetunde Kemi Fatade, MD, MPH, Internal Medicine Program Participant

 Being part of the ACC Internal Medicine African-American/Black cohort has allowed me the opportunity to access information, resources, and mentors to strengthen my journey to the field of cardiology. The cohort program gives me a sense of belonging in the field, without arbitrary entrance rules or gatekeeping. 

– Yetunde Kemi Fatade, MD, MPH, Internal Medicine Program Participant

Ebubechukwu Ezeh. Internal Medicine Program Participant

 Getting into this program transformed everything for me…I gained tremendous mentorship that provided me with a clear vision with measurable targets on how to make progress. In fact, I had a panel of mentors that provided me with collaboration opportunities, accountability and guided me every step of the way in preparing my fellowship application. 

– Ebubechukwu Ezeh. Internal Medicine Program Participant

Sneha Nandy, Internal Medicine Program Participant

 I gained valuable insight into what a career in academic cardiology looks like and was thoughtfully advised on fellowship applications and interviews. 

– Sneha Nandy, Internal Medicine Program Participant