The ACC's Leadership Competencies seen below serve as the leadership framework for selecting the College's member leaders. The competencies represent leadership skills the College and its Governance Committee consider fundamental to leading at the ACC in its mission to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health.

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Graphic: Leadership Competencies: Serving as a Leader at ACC

Definitions of Competence

  1. A person's ability or capacity to undertake a particular task or job (Sapre, 2002).
  2. The knowledge, skills, and ability required to be successful in the job (Simpson, HRSG).
  3. A cluster of related knowledge, attitudes, and skills that affect a major part of one’s job and correlates with performance on the job (Lee and Phan, 2000).
  4. A complex combination of underlying characteristics. A window through which one can glimpse a person's capability (Loughlan, Centerpoint for Leaders).
  5. An underlying characteristic of an individual that is causally related to criterion referenced to effective and/or superior performance in a job or situation (McClelland in Sapre 2002).
Graphic: Competencies Definitions and Examples
Graphic 2 Competencies Definitions and Examples