Tip Guides

Top Ten Tips for Moderating and Presenting
This document curates the plethora of recommendations also available to you in ACC's Faculty Resource Center that describes key steps to integrate as you prepare and deliver upon your role as a moderator or presenter.

Key Points in Preparing an Effective Presentation
This document distills many of the exciting resources with updated content available to you in ACC's Faculty Resource Center and contains valuable tips to make your life easier as you prepare for ACC.23/WCC.

Guiding Principles for Audience Response Systems (ARS)
This document describes the who, what, when, why, and most importantly, the how's of integrating ARS into your presentation. Consider using the powerful tool of ARS in your presentation.

Top Tips for ACC Faculty Using Social Media
This document provides step-by-step instructions for using Twitter! Learn how to "tweet" your session and engage conference goers with a short poll. Or comment on colleagues' tweets and re-tweet poignant cardiovascular sessions. This document also provides multiple links to additional social media resources.