Virtual Education

How we deliver education continues to evolve. Meetings can be entirely virtual or a hybrid of virtual and in-person. There are tools and skills that can be incorporated in the virtual space to elevate how we educate. They span our roles as moderators and presenters and build on the fundamental principles already defined for effective delivery of content.

Virtua Education

Virtual Presentations: The Present & Future! (8:40)
Anish Bhatt, MD
Anish Bhatt, MD discuss virtual presentations and the best practices for lights, backgrounds, camera and other important tips for your virtual presentation.

Virtual Moderator (4:01)
Gillian Nesbitt, MD, FACC
Gillian Nesbitt, MD, FACC discusses the plan for successful moderation in the virtual world.

Slide Deck

Video Example

Addressing a Question to a Presenter (1:07)
Kathryn Berlacher, MD, MS, FACC