ACCEL Lite: Contemporary Management of In-patients with INOCA and MINOCA

INOCA and MINOCA are conditions with high risk of cardiac events and frequent persistent ischemic symptoms, and aggressive intervention is needed to reduce risk and symptom burden. This episode will review the data on contemporary treatment of INOCA and MINOCA and discuss additional strategies beyond the data and future directions.

In this interview, Jamieson Bourque, MD., MHS., FACCE and Magnus Ohman MD, FACC, with Michelle D. Kelsey MD, ask if there is evidence for treatment, and discuss data-driven management of in-patients with INOCA and MINOCA.

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  3. What’s in a Name? The Diagnosis, Treatment and Future of INOCA and MINOCA

    Clinical Topics: Acute Coronary Syndromes, Stable Ischemic Heart Disease

    Keywords: ACCELLite

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