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Medical Liability Insurance Program

The ACC exclusively endorses The Doctors Company, the nation's largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer—and the nation's leading insurer of cardiologists. The Doctors Company (, has always been guided by a fundamental belief: That the practice of good medicine should be advanced, protected, and rewarded.

Backed by the financial strength of over $6 billion in assets, The Doctors Company offers ACC members expert guidance, resources, and coverage, including the Tribute® Plan, a groundbreaking financial benefit that rewards members for their loyalty and commitment to outstanding patient care. That's malpractice insurance without the mal.

The Doctors Company is part of the TDC Group of companies (TDC Group), the nation's largest physician-owned provider of insurance, risk management, and healthcare practice improvement solutions. TDC Group ( serves the full continuum of care, from individual physicians to academic medical systems—over 100,000 healthcare professionals and organizations nationwide.

  Learn More About ACC Member-Exclusive Savings
  Learn More About ACC Member-Exclusive Savings

As an ACC member, you already have the reputation of being committed to only the highest standards of cardiovascular care. As a result, you are eligible to SAVE on your coverage through our partnership with The Doctors Company:

  • Program discount of five percent for qualified members with a favorable claims history
  • Claims-free credit of up to 25 percent for eligible members
  • Additional premium savings of up to 10 percent by participating in two of the following programs:
    • Maintaining board certification
    • Completing the Patient Safety & Risk Management Self-Assessment Program, providing 12 CME credits

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