Novel and established cancer therapeutics have led to a substantial increase in cancer survivors. New therapeutics for cancer continue to grow exponentially, and a number of these therapies are associated with short and/or long-term adverse cardiovascular effects, some of which are unknown at this time. In addition to the risk of recurrent cancer, one of the greatest risks for cancer survivors is morbidity and mortality related to early and late cardiovascular toxicities.

The Cardio-Oncology clinicians strive to provide comprehensive cardiac care to patients who have co-existing heart disease and cancer, and to prevent and treat the cardiovascular complications of cancer therapeutics in patients undergoing cancer therapy and in cancer survivors. They aim to limit interruptions or delays in cancer therapy due to cardiovascular reasons.

The ACC Cardio-Oncology section strives to be the home for the ACC Cardio-Oncology clinicians, educators, researchers, and trainees across the stages of their careers. The section aims to support interest, education, and collaboration amongst the members in order to generate interest in this field, to advocate for and provide better care for their patients, to understand mechanisms of cardiovascular toxicity, and to grow the number of clinicians and programs with expertise in the cardiovascular care of patients with cancer and of cancer survivors.

We welcome your active participation!


Anita Deswal, MD, MPH, FACC