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Cancer Survivorship has grown exponentially over the last decade with the explosion of novel therapies.

One of the greatest risks to survivors is not dying from their cancer, but from their heart disease, because of early and late cardiovascular toxicity. As the number of therapies for cancer increases, the more is learned about the effects of the various therapies on the heart.

The goal of this section is to provide a community and home for American College of Cardiology members whether an expert in the field or an early career member. We also hope that this section can be a place of collaboration between oncologists and cardiologists as well as the various teams that are involved in the complex care of a cancer patient.

This is a young but growing field with varied opportunities from learning about basic molecular mechanisms of cardiotoxicity, imaging, treatment, and how to start a career in Cardio-Oncology. This section hopes to support interest and education in rare diseases such as cardiac tumors, carcinoid heart disease, and cardiac amyloid related to myeloid dyscrasias.

Membership to the Cardio-Oncology Section offers access to educational resources such as the Cardio-Oncology resource library, active working groups, continuing education opportunities, and a home for Cardio-Oncology experts.

Welcome to our Section!


Monika Leja, MD, FACC

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