How to Code and Bill For Cardio-Oncology

Health care in the U.S. has dominated the social, political and financial arena in the past decade, and the overall health of the population lags far behind other countries that spend much less.

In this expert analysis, Anita Arnold, DO, FACC; Cathleen Biga, MSN, RN; and Debra Mariani, discuss why providers need to understand how their data are reported and coded and where they can look to see gaps in documentation.

They explain that taking advantage of the Quality Payment Program is important to maintain and improve reimbursement in cardio-oncology care, and that using portions of the program that directly measure cardio-oncology processes and outcomes will ensure appropriate therapy for this patient population.

The authors also note that for clinicians who manage a significant number of cardio-oncology patients, the alignment of care delivery with the quality measures ensure there is better care and smarter spending, leading to a better outcome for all. Read more on