New Cardio-Oncology Resources Page on

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The editors of the Cardio-Oncology Clinical Topic Collection on have created a new Cardio-Oncology Resources Page. The page is organized into 30 topics and nearly 100 subtopics in the field of cardio-oncology.

The goal is to archive original clinical content curated by the editorial team as well as selected publications on relevant topics in an easy-to-navigate topic outline format. Users can drill down by topic to hand-picked articles and quizzes, and they can also submit suggestions for content or categories.

Visit the Cardio-Oncology Resources Page on to learn more. You can also easily access the resource in the Cardio-Oncology Member Section by clicking Resources and Recommended Readings in the left navigation!

Also check out the JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging and Circulation special themed issue on cardio-oncology now catalogued on the Cardio-Oncology Resources Page.