JACC Journals Research on Cardiac Metabolism and Cancer Biology; Cardiac Amyloidosis

In a recent state-of-the-art review published in JACC: Basic to Translational Science, Anja Karlstaedt, MD, PhD; Matthew Barrett, BS; Ray Hu, MD, MTR; Seth Thomas Gammons, PhD, and Bonnie Ky, MD, MSCE, FACC, provide their insight on the intersection between cardiac metabolism and cancer biology. Specifically, they review the latest data on the metabolic interaction between the heart and cancer and provide an overview of imaging techniques for clinical management and research studies. Read the full article.

In addition, JACC: CardioOncology published two articles ahead of the upcoming special issue on amyloidosis. One study found that wild-type amyloid transthyretin (ATTR) may be driving an increase in cardiac amyloidosis diagnoses. In addition, early recognition of less advanced cardiac amyloidosis cases may explain decreasing mortality rates. In a separate viewpoint article, Gautam S. Nayak, MD, FACC, explains that due to the wealth of data, diagnostics and treatment of cardiomyopathy caused by ATTR, "it really feels as though we're on the cusp of an incredible movement in cardiology." Read more.

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