ACC.22 Future Hub Innovation Pitch Challenges

Don't miss the 2022 Innovation Pitch Challenge in partnership with the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) April 2-3, 2022 in Washington, DC. Start-up companies across the country have been selected by the Healthcare Innovation Leadership Council. In front of the live Future Hub audience, each finalist will have 5 minutes to pitch followed by a 5-minute Q&A from our expert panel.

Please contact Mary Byrnes ( with any questions.

All finalists receive:

Up to two free registrations to ACC.22 ($1,598 in value) in Washington, DC | April 2-4, 2022

A high visibility platform, pitching in-front of hundreds of physicians, key opinion leaders, and potential investors and partners.

Winners receives:

10x10 Expo Hall Booth Space at ACC.23 in New Orleans, LA | March 4-6, 2023

NHLBI Innovation Pitch Challenge

Saturday, April 2
3:00 PM – 4:15 PM
ACC.22 Future Hub Stage

The ACC is partnering with the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHBLI) to host the ACC.22 Innovation Pitch Challenge. Our four healthcare start-up finalists are in the CV space and have $1.5 - $2.5 million dollars in funding from the NHLBI with a plan for commercialization. Learn about their products and services, plus as part of the audience, you'll get to vote for the winner!

Elucid's arterial analysis software is the first and only non-invasive image analysis software that employs CT angiography and patented computer algorithms, based on expert histologic examination of thousands of tissue samples, to objectively quantify the extent and stability of arterial plaque for tailored patient care.

Exhalix detects H2S using its Transdermal Arterial Gasotransmitter Sensor (TAGS™) for early detection of microvascular and peripheral artery disease (PAD) and improving prognosis of critical limb threatening ischemia (CLTI) treatment.

Hydrostasis provides real-time hydration monitoring to help reduce the risk of heart disease and low blood pressure. Hydrostasis works with smart device manufacturers in both consumer and clinical applications to enable hydration monitoring capabilities.

Windmill Cardiovascular Systems
Windmill's toroidal ventricular assist device (TORVAD) is a fully implantable blood pump that produces pulsatile ejections with two independently controlled pistons. One piston acts as a virtual valve while the other rotates around the toroidal pumping chamber and simultaneously aspirates and ejections blood by positive-displacement. The pistons are magnetically coupled to motors that have precise position and motion control and is only two-piston pump of its kind.

Early-Stage Companies – Connected Health Pitch Challenge

Sunday, April 3
3:15 PM – 4:30 PM
ACC.22 Future Hub Stage

This year, the Healthcare Innovation Section collected an outstanding number of early-stage start-up applications for the Innovation Pitch Challenge. Hear from the four finalists, two focused on software and two hardware, as they pitch solutions to unique challenges within cardiology. They will present their beginning stage ideas to be judged by experts, including Steve Flaim, Ph.D. – Senior Special Advisor and Investor-in-Residence; NHLBI. Learn about their products and services, plus as part of the audience, you'll get to vote for the winner!

AvoMD, Inc.
AvoMD transforms clinical guidelines into actionable decision support at the point-of-care, offered via EHR integrations and standalone web and mobile apps. We partner with societies and academic hospital systems for authoritative content guidelines. The digital content produced is offered to the societies as a free benefit for their members. Licensing fees are paid contingent on revenue generated from the content. Revenue is generated from both sponsorships from life sciences companies (whose products are already inherent in the guidelines) as well as subscription payments from provider organizations.

CardioSignal Inc
CardioSignal (originally Precordior OY from Turku University) has developed the concept of gyrocardiography, a unique motion sensor technology to evaluate cardiac function rapidly and with low cost. The technology has already gone through technical and clinical validations and is proving to be a breakthrough in digital health space. We can harness this software as medical device to any device that includes gyroscope and accelerometer. With this technology we can turn over 3.5 billion smartphones to powerful heart disease detection tools.

DASI Simulations
DASI Simulations provides advanced artificial intelligence-driven computational predictive modeling-based decision support products. Our solution allows physicians to predict and visualize the interaction between various devices and the patient's unique anatomy while freeing up their time from making time-consuming measurements. DASI Simulation's fully automated AI-based measurements are highly accurate, repeatable, and reproducible while speeding up the workflow for heart teams to reach optimal decisions quicker.

MindMics Inc
MindMics is pioneering the field of in-ear infrasonic hemodynography (IH). The low-frequency infrasonic waves (< 20 Hz) are below the human audible range and are able to overcome obstructions with little dissipation. The body constantly generates infrasonic waves from muscular contraction, blood circulation, and respiration. These allow us to continuously monitor the central vascular system with the temporal resolution of accessible today only using invasive technologies. MindMics technology integrates into standard earbuds to create an experience that is anything but standard.