There are more women in cardiology now than in the past but women are only 18% of cardiology fellows, 10-15% of practicing cardiologist and 4% of interventional cardiologists.

For female applicants, it is important to consider the following factors when deciding which programs you want to rank:

  • How many women are on faculty and do they serve in leading roles?
  • Are there other women trainees? What is the call schedule like?
  • Is the call in-house?
  • Is it front-loaded or dispersed equally throughout the three to four years?
  • What are the maternity leave policies?

In general, time off policies vary by program but are usually less flexible than residency programs.

  • Will your total fellowship time get extended?
  • If so, will this affect pursuing further sub-specialty training?
  • Will time off conflict with other important rotations?