In Memoriam: Alfred A. Bove, MD, PhD, MACC

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ACC Past President Alfred A. Bove, MD, PhD, MACC, a true cardiovascular innovator, educator and patient advocate, passed away on Oct. 17. Aside from a short period of time at the Mayo Clinic, Bove spent the majority of his cardiovascular career at Temple University, serving in positions ranging from associate dean to section chief in cardiology.

During his career, he published well over 200 original research papers; authored texts on coronary disease, exercise medicine and diving medicine; and received numerous awards for his work in cardiovascular medicine and environmental medicine.

In addition to his role as president (2010-2011), where he emphasized the importance of the patient in all aspects of the College's work, Bove's contributions to the ACC are many. He served on the College's Board of Trustees and was the first editor-in-chief of ACC's original website.

Until recently, Bove also held the positions of editor-in-chief of ACCEL, the College's audio journal, and editor-in-chief of Cardiology magazine. He also participated in a number of ACC Member Sections, including the Sports and Exercise Cardiology Section, along with numerous committees, task forces and work groups. Read more about his life and legacy.