Paper Addresses Key Areas of Uncertainty in COVID-19 and the Athletic Heart

As critical data to advance the understanding of COVID-19 outcomes in athletes is currently being collected, thoroughly rehearsed emergency action planning represents the best strategy to save lives, according to a paper published Oct. 26 in JAMA Cardiology. Jonathan H. Kim, MD, MSc, FACC, member of ACC's Sports and Exercise Cardiology Section Leadership Council, et al., address the most common questions regarding COVID-19 and cardiac pathology in athletes in competitive sports, including the extension of return-to-play considerations to discrete populations of athletes not addressed in prior recommendations. "To proceed safely with sports during the COVID-19 pandemic, the critical pieces on which we must focus have not changed," the authors write. "An emphasis on public health, suppression of viral spread, increased access to testing and ultimately vaccination should all be prioritized." Read more. In addition, read an expert analysis from Jeffrey J. Hsu, MD, PhD, FACC, on this paper and addressing the uncertainties of athletes and COVID-19.