JACC: Case Reports Focus Issue Highlights Sports Cardiology

The latest issue of JACC: Case Reports features the first-ever focus issue highlighting sports cardiology. Clinical cases include cardiac arrest in a softball player following a collision, swimming-induced pulmonary edema, acute deep vein thrombosis in a cyclist with iliac vein compression from psoas muscle hypertrophy, and more. In addition, a viewpoint from Olympic figure skater Paul S. Wylie recounts his experience with cardiac arrest and expresses gratitude for second chances.  And in the Guest Editor's Page, Mustafa Husaini, MD, FACC, et al., explore the spectrum from "prevention to promotion" under the purview of sports cardiologists. Also, a four-part seminar series published in JACC explores the impact of physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness and exercise training on cardiovascular health. Read the full issue. To stay up to date, opt in to receive eTable of Contents emails for future issues of JACC: Case Reports and follow the JACC family of Journals on social media.