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The amount of money that could be saved every year in Medicare costs if all beneficiaries achieved ideal levels for five to seven heart-healthy habits to reduce cardiovascular risk, including quitting cigarette smoking, physical activity, diet, body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. Researchers found that only 6.4 percent of beneficiaries have five to seven ideal factors.

Source: American Heart Association. News release. Feb. 1, 2017.


The proportion of gym members who meet both aerobic and strength-training guidelines, compared with only 18 percent of non-members. People with gym memberships get nearly six more hours of physical activity a week and also have lower odds of being obese, smaller waistlines, lower resting heart rates and greater cardiorespiratory fitness.

Source: HealthDay. News article. Jan. 23, 2017


The number of Americans who have high blood pressure, and only 54 percent have it under control. This stat is concerning due to the relationship between high blood pressure and heart attack or chronic heart failure.

Source: HealthDay. News article. Feb. 7, 2017.


The amount of sedentary people of healthy weight who are pre-diabetic, according to a study from the University of Florida. Pre-diabetes is defined as a hemoglobin A1c of 5.7 or above.

Source: HealthDay. News article. Jan. 27, 2017.


The improvement in the survival rate for heart failure (HF) patients in the UK between 1998 and 2012. This is in contrast to cancer survival rates, which have doubled in the last 40 years. Researchers examined HF patients and found 81.3 percent survived for one year, 51.5 percent survived for five years, and 29.5 percent survived for 10 years, following diagnosis.

Source: Oxford University Press USA. News release. Jan. 30, 2017.

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