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ACC Past President Adams Recognized With Outstanding Achievement Award


The lifetime of accomplishments of Forrest H. Adams, MD, MACC, as a pioneering cardiologist, renowned researcher and mentor have been recognized by the University of Minnesota with its Board of Regents Outstanding Achievement Award. Adams served as president of the ACC in 1971 and is the oldest living past president.

In bestowing its highest alumni honor, the University recognized Adams’ distinctive 80-year history of contributions to pediatric cardiology and his leadership.

“Physicians of Dr. Adams’ stature have never been common and are now almost extinct. We have the extraordinary good fortune of being able to both have the long view on his contributions and to recognize them while he is still with us,” said Jakub Tolar, MD, executive vice dean of the University of Minnesota. Read More >>>

Among the highlights of his career are many “firsts.” Adams first described the genetic disorder that later became known as Adams-Oliver Syndrome, performed the first heart catheterization on a newborn infant and helped establish the first hospital in the U.S. devoted solely to heart disease, the University of Minnesota’s Variety Children’s Heart Hospital.

He discovered the role of lung surfactant in respiratory distress syndrome and has achieved lasting impact through his research on congenital heart disease in infants, heart and lung function during fetal life, and the physiological changes that occur with birth. Adams authored some 200 scientific papers and is credited with 11 books, including the textbook Heart Disease in Infants, Children and Adolescents.

A member of the ACC since 1963, Adams served in many roles, including chair of the Annual Scientific Program and chair of the Credentials Committee, implement-ing criteria for categories of membership. He assisted with developing the first scientific journal of the ACC, Cardiology, and served as its first editor.

“The College is very grateful for Dr. Adams’ many contributions to patients, science, and to the ACC itself. This newest honor, bestowed by his alma mater, is a fitting reminder of the stature of a great physician and role model for all of us,” says Richard A. Chazal, MD, FACC, president of the ACC.

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Irish Society of Cardiology to Honor ACC Past President


John Gordon Harold, MD, MACC, past president of the ACC, will be awarded Honorary Membership of the Irish Cardiac Society this month. The honor is in recognition and appreciation of his commitment and dedication to cardiology. Harold served as chair of ACC’s History Work Group, was a past chair of ACC’s Board of Governors and represented the ACC as the chair of the World Heart Federation Partner’s Council for 2016. Harold currently serves as clinical professor of medicine at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute and the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles.

ACC Around the World: ACC Kicks Off CVD Prevention Global Education Program With Webinars in Russia, UAE


The ACC, with support from Pfizer, recently launched its largest ever global education program providing physicians and hospital systems in 10 countries access to the latest science, technology, resources and tools needed to stem the rising tide of cardiovascular disease and equip patients with the knowledge needed to manage their cardiovascular health.

In February, the College officially kicked off this program with webinars in Russia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The first webinar in the Russian program, conducted in partnership with the Russian Society of Cardiology, focused on “The Problem of Atherosclerosis and Related Heart Disease in Russia” and addressed primary prevention of heart disease, including aspects of epidemiology, analysis of risk factors, treatment guidelines, and how doctors can work with their patients to emphasize lifestyle modification and medication adherence. Read More >>>

In the UAE, the first webinar, held collaboratively with the Emirates Cardiac Society, took place Feb. 24 and targeted cardiovascular disease risk factor management and treatment guidelines.

The UAE “Vision 2021” National Agenda emphasizes the importance of prevention in significantly lowering cardiovascular disease mortality in the Emirates. Pamela Morris, MD, FACC, chair of the ACC’s Prevention of CV Disease Section, represented the College at both the UAE and Russia events.

Similar webinars are planned in the other eight countries over the course of the year. Throughout the program, the ACC will continue to work collaboratively with local cardiovascular societies to provide customized educational materials targeting regional obstacles.

To reinforce the education delivered in the webinars, the ACC is also developing regular content focused on the latest science and developments surrounding cardiovascular disease prevention. This content will be disseminated via social media platforms in each country participating in the program.


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