ACC and Serv Medical Start Collaboration on Digital Health Care Innovation

The ACC started a strategic innovation collaboration with Serv Medical, a Singapore-based healthcare big data and AI company, with the goal of revolutionizing cardiovascular care through digital therapeutics and fostering medical excellence in developing markets.

This collaboration is based on the shared commitment to harnessing cutting-edge digital technologies to enhance healthcare outcomes and improve long-term cardiovascular care across healthcare systems and developing markets. The ACC and Serv Medical will be collaborating on the co-development of digital therapeutics (DTx), leading to novel avenues for managing cardiovascular conditions and optimizing health in developing and underserved communities.

“As the field of digital therapeutics advances, it is essential for clinicians to collaborate with technology companies to ensure high quality, safe medical care is delivered,” said Ami Bhatt, MD, FACC, ACC Chief Innovation Officer. “Access to cardiovascular care in the communities where individuals live is now our joint responsibility with the advent of global digital health care transformation.”

By synergizing their strengths, the ACC and Serv Medical are poised to create solutions that will transform long-term patient care and allow for clinical excellence through digital innovation.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Delivery of Health Care, ACC International

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