Heart Failure and Transplant

The ACC's Heart Failure and Transplant Member Section and Leadership Council is the home for heart failure and transplant specialists within the ACC, advocating for and advancing priorities of interest to the community.


Combining a unique blend of forum and network, the Heart Failure and Transplant Member Section and Leadership Council represents the heart failure community by identifying, developing and implementing initiatives related to heart failure and acts as a liaison between heart failure specialists and ACC leadership.

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The Heart Failure Section membership provides participants with opportunities to make a difference in heart failure and:

  • Network with colleagues
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Advance your career
  • Strengthen your skills
  • Expand upon your interests within the specialty

Message From the Chair

The Heart Failure Member Section is the home for health care professionals involved in all aspects of care for patients with heart failure. This includes all spectrums of heart failure including acute and chronic heart failure, critical care and shock, mechanical circulatory support devices, heart transplantation and pulmonary hypertension. Read more >>>

Our section was established in 2014 with a mission to provide a platform for members to share knowledge and network with each other about heart failure care from prevention to advanced therapies. In addition, we want to enhance the education and practice of cardiovascular specialists taking care of heart failure, cardiac transplantation and mechanical circulatory support device patients and provide a networking platform and professional growth for section members at various stages of their careers.

Our aim is to be the single source of tools and resources that meet the needs of a heart failure and advanced heart failure clinician. Our objectives include:

  • To provide input to leadership and advocacy groups on behalf of the heart failure and cardiac transplant practitioner community.
  • To act as the voice of—and be a liaison for—heart failure cardiovascular specialist members both within the College and in the profession.
  • To provide input on guidelines, consensus statements and position papers related to heart failure, heart transplant and mechanical circulatory support.
  • To serve as a resource for ACC.org, JACC, and JACC: Heart Failure.
  • To support dedicated resources for heart failure specialists, including but not limited to board certification preparation tools, maintenance of certification, career development, access to guidelines, best practice examples and a primer to quality programs.
  • To create specific practical and clinical programming and content geared towards heart failure (including heart failure and mechanical circulatory support) at the ACC Annual Scientific Sessions.
  • To collaborate with other national and international heart failure and advanced heart failure societies on joint programming.

The section has several work groups encompassing the entire spectrum of heart failure care including: Acute Heart Failure , Chronic Heart Failure and Outpatient Care, Heart Transplant and High Risk Surgery, Mechanical Circulatory Support, Critical Care, Careers in Heart Failure and Transplant, Pulmonary Hypertension and a newly formed International Working group.

The work groups have undergone recent revamp with new co-chairs in some of the work groups. In addition, the Council has a very active digital engagement work group that develops content for ACC.org’s Heart Failure & Transplant Clinical Topic Collection.

In the past years, our section sponsored successful scientific sessions and a popular career symposium that allowed Fellows-in-Training and Early Career Members to interact with established clinicians and learn about the full spectrum of career opportunities in heart failure at the ACC Scientific Session.

We have had active engagement of section members through our work groups; expanded our Clinical Topic Collection to a vibrant digital venue that now houses interesting case presentations, the latest news, educational reviews, guidelines and consensus statements, and images and slides related to heart failure care.

We have actively partnered with advocacy groups and provided input on topics of importance to the heart failure community, such as a heart failure specialty designation for cardiologists and the development of procedure codes for interventions and procedures performed by heart failure specialists.

The Heart Failure & Transplant Section has several ongoing and new projects planned for the coming year. Section members will have the opportunity to collaborate on publications for JACC and JACC: Heart Failure, including participation in the development of the Heart Failure & Transplant Section Council papers and other projects related to digital strategy and web content.

The Heart Failure & Transplant Section will continue its sponsorship of sessions and the career symposium at ACC.19. The section will also continue active engagement in advocacy for heart failure specialists and practice. The section is expanding to include more international members and provide resources to international heart failure specialists as well.

We hope that you will join the Heart Failure & Transplant Member Section and make this your home for your educational, networking, advocacy, practice and career needs.

You can learn, connect, collaborate and contribute through the various work groups as well as section activities. Our goal is to provide you with meaningful engagement and rewarding experience which will have a lasting impact on your own professional growth and patient care.

For suggestions, questions, ideas and information, you can contact our staff liaison, Kimberly Kooi at kkooi@acc.org.

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