As part of ongoing improvements to your new online home,, the ACC has recently made the following enhancements to the website.

Direct Access to ACC Member Sections

  • When logged in, members can now access their sections from the homepage via a personalized “My Sections” box

JACC Journals

  • 7/22 | The JACC link in the updated utility navigation located above the top navigation search bar now goes directly to the website instead of the JACC Journals page. Users can still access the JACC Journals page using the footer navigation and from Clinical Topic Collections.
  • JACC editor-in-chief audio summaries by Dr. Fuster are now accessible from applicable articles right within
  • A new filter for JACC Journal Articles has been added to the Latest in Cardiology page, giving users easier access to the latest JACC articles

Latest in Cardiology

  • On the Latest in Cardiology page, users can now filter by article type to narrow their view to Clinical Trials, Journal Scans, News Stories, JACC Journal Articles and more
  • To help users identify the format of a news item before clicking on it, the article type now appears below the article date in the preview text for each item


  • Throughout the site, content formats now appear more consistent. Guidelines, for example, now appear the same way to users whether they are on the Guidelines page, a Clinical Topic Collection, or sitewide search. This enhancement makes it easier for users to recognize content formats as they move through the website. The visual display of content is now more consistent to make various formats, such as guidelines, more recognizable across the website.

Clinical Topic Collections

  • Visitors to Clinical Topic Collections now see relevant articles from Latest in Cardiology in the initial view, to highlight the newest content that is produced for each collection.

Expanded Details For Images and Slides

  • Author attribution and image citation information is now included in the full view of images or slides

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