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2023: The Year in Review From An ACPC Perspective

Quick Takes

  • In 2023, the Adult Congenital and Pediatric Cardiology (ACPC) Council advocated for patients with congenital heart disease (CHD) and the physicians and other providers who care for them.
  • Clinical Practice Guideline Algorithms have been published for some common CHDs.
  • Several articles published in 2023 warrant renewed attention.

As we welcome 2024, the Adult Congenital and Pediatric Cardiology (ACPC) section of the American College of Cardiology continues to celebrate remarkable progress. Emerging from the shadows of a challenging period, there is a collective hope that the global COVID-19 pandemic will finally truly evolve into an endemic state. We at continue our commitment to deliver up to date, clinically relevant information to the community of physicians and other providers we serve.

In addition to the popular patient case quizzes,1 a compilation2 of highlighted articles in our field, and journal scans summarizing the latest in cardiology, several publications in the ACPC Clinical Topics Collection warrant renewed attention.

One such article highlights the transformative role of cardiac computerized tomography in managing congenital heart disease (CHD),3 thanks to its enhanced spatial and temporal resolution. However, there is a need for dedicated training pathways and competency criteria in CHD contexts, identifying an educational void. Current certification of practitioners, driven by cardiology and radiology societies, often overlooks CHD-specific intricacies. Enhanced training and resources, along with the establishment of performance standards, clinical protocols, and reimbursement policies are essential.

The necessity of thromboprophylaxis in Fontan patients4 challenges the traditional reliance on aspirin and warfarin alone. There is growing evidence supporting the efficacy and safety of non-vitamin K oral anticoagulants, reflecting a nuanced approach that considers individual patient factors and advocates for personalized medicine.

Three published clinical practice guidelines offer suggested standardized algorithms for the care of patients with simple ventricular septal defects,5 isolated pulmonary valve stenosis,6 and coarctation of the aorta.7 These guidelines emphasize the importance of regular monitoring and tailor follow-up protocols for pediatric patients, aligning with the latest developments in pediatric cardiology.

A notable initiative in 2023 is the establishment of an Adult Congenital Heart Disease work group within ACPC Section. This pioneering group aims to bridge the gap between pediatric and adult cardiology care, providing comprehensive resources and expertise for adults living with congenital heart defects through a multidisciplinary approach that emphasizes continuity of care, knowledge sharing, and development of comprehensive care guidelines. This is in alignment with the ACC's commitment to these patients, who historically have drifted to the peripheries of cardiac care, affirming their complex medical needs.

 In the realm of advocacy, the ACPC work group works tirelessly to streamline preauthorization processes and ease the burden on patients and healthcare providers, with a broader mission to educate stakeholders,8 emphasizing the importance of timely, unobstructed access to specialized care. Another overarching theme is the drive for diversity, equity, and inclusion both in recipients of healthcare and in the healthcare providers who serve them.

As the digital home for the ACPC Section, is dedicated to providing curated and relevant content for clinical practice. We are excited to announce that Tarek Alsaied, MD, FACC will take the reins as the Team Lead for the ACPC Publications and Communications workgroup and Regina Lantin-Hermoso, MD, FACC will transition to her new role as ACPC Section clinical content reviewer for pieces published to's CHD/Pediatric Cardiology Collection page. We would like to thank Dr. Lantin-Hermoso for her 8 years of service as CHD/Pediatric Cardiology Collection Team Lead.

It is our honor to be the digital home for the ACPC Section. On behalf of Ritu Sachdeva, MBBS, FACC Chair, and the entire ACPC Council, we welcome 2024 with enthusiasm. Here's to a year of continued advancements, collaboration, and excellence in the field of ACPC. Happy New Year!


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